PGP stuff

If you just want my current general-use public key, here it is: [Key]

If you have no idea what PGP is, come back once I’ve written my FAQ. I’m reluctant to point you to someone else’s because they tend to be written to promote its use, whereas my opinion of OpenPGP and its implementations and infrastructure is more… mixed.

My keys

Here’s a list of all OpenPGP keys released in my name, and their status.

Certification practice statements

From time to time I certify the keys of others; these documents (well, this one document for now) explain what exactly I am certifying when I do so, and my criteria and process for certification.

Whenever I make a significant change to my policy, my plan is to mark my existing CPS as superseded and put up a new one, rather than replacing it, so that it remains clear not only what my policy is now but what it was for any keys I have signed in the past.

Date Key(s) covered Status URL
0x7B9F12B9B5EF0DA1 Active ./cps-2022-05-21.xhtml